If you are not up on the podcast world think of it like this: On Demand Radio.  You can listen while you drive, mow the lawn, vacuum, exercise, or any time.  Instead of having to listen to what the DJ chooses, you can pick your topic have episodes downloaded automatically to your smart phone.

Here a list of podcasts that I have enjoyed and offer insights into inventing and the business of getting a product sold in retail.

  1. The Product Startup Podcast.  This is my number one for my niche – people who want to learn how to actually make a product.  Filip is very knowledgable about the entire process and you can read my post about his stages of product development.  TheProductStartup.com
  2. On the Shelf with Tim Bush.  After years working at the executive level of big box stores like Bed Bath and Beyond and Office Depot, Tim specializes in helping companies get their products into these mass distribution outlets.  Check out his podcast and blog articles at www.ontheshelfnow.com.
  3. The Invention Stories Podcast with Robert Bear.   An oldie and goodie.  Robert has posted over 300 stories since 2011.  He talks to inventors and walks us through the process they followed along with the ups and downs they encountered while bringing their products to market. inventionstories.com
  4. The Inventor’s Launchpad Network.  The Inventor’s Launchpad offers inventing services for a fee.  But, their podcast is free and you can pick up a wealth of ideas for both licensers and entrepreneurs.  inventorslaunchpad.com 
  5. InventRight TV.  True, it’s not a podcast (it’s a YouTube channel) but it is worth considering.  Stephen Key is the unofficial grandfather of licensing.  He offers pay services but even he says you can find almost everything he teaches on his videos.  A resource that offers hours of advice.  www.youtube.com/user/InventRightTV/featured