The As Seen On TV industry is huge and millions of dollars can be made by inventors in this sector.  That said, it is also fraught with a lot of potential costs and rip-offs and people need to be careful.  One diamond in the rough that I have found is Carrie Jeske of Will It Launch (  See accepts idea submissions for free and has insight into the industry like few others. 

Her blog outlines criteria for a winning product (click here). I’ve never had an ASOTV winner but I’m still trying.

There is a lot that can be learned by her criteria even if you don’t want to have a TV product.  For example, one of her criteria is “mass appeal”.  I kept this in mind when inventing for Make48 and Wayfounder.  I knew that a winning product, when pitched to a panel of industry judges, would be one that would appeal to as broad a market as possible.  

Before competing in Make48 I came up with an abbreviated version of Carrie’s list that I could remember. 

Here is my “Readers Digest” version that I simplified for easy recall:

E.M.O.G.E (pronounced like emoji)

Easy to explain

Mass Market Appeal

Original Idea (hasn’t been done before)

Good price ($19.99?  $29.99?)

Easy to demonstrate