Team D.a.D – Dads and Daughters:

  • David – Invention DaD.  Team captain. Submitter of the application video.  Amateur inventor.
  • Brynn – David’s daughter.  Grew up with her father running around the house asking his kids to shoot product videos of him displaying his latest ideas.  Humanities magnet high school student (now student at University of Maryland). Creative and artistic.
  • Erik – Consultant (I usually say “Business Guy” because no one seems to know what a consultant does).  His brain is an encyclopedia of information and the latest research on most topics.
  • Maria – Erik’s Daughter.  Humanities magnet high school student (now a student at University of North Carolina).  National History day finalist. Funny and energetic.



  • Curt McMillan – Make48 co-founder.  One time stand up comedian.  Host of Season 2 and Season 3 (and Season 4 and beyond?).  Always energetic and able to pump up the audience.
  • Bob Coulston and Rich Brull – Make48 co-founders.  Both work in the building/make-stuff industry.  Both have a lot of cool tools. Both work as Tool Techs during the 48 hour competition.
  • Tom Gray – Make48 co-founder.  CEO of Make48 and the driving force behind the TV show.  Tom knows everyone in the industry and loves to make connections.
  • Courtney Benisch – Nuts and bolts of the show.  Organizes and coordinates almost all of the details that go into creating this show which is like a complex piece of machinery.  
  • Stan and Diana – The two Tool Tech volunteers who stayed up with us all hours making sure our prototype was ready to present.  Our presentation wouldn’t have been possible without them.
  • Josh Malone and Joanne Domeniconi: official mentors.  As industry experts they have insight into what makes a good product and how the production and sales end of things work.  Josh is owner of Bunch-O-Balloons and Joanne is Co-Founder of the Grommet.
  • Andrea Evans and Chris Debacker – Awesome patent attorneys show meet with team and help them determine 1) whether there invention infringes on any existing patents and 2) whether the invention can potentially be patented